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I'm, sure you have plenty of questions about Austin City Limits and I'd love to answer all of them. Well, most of them. Well, some of them. Might as well look them up here. About the Show About the Episodes The Real Deal

About the Show

How come I've never heard of it before?
Well, there are three reasons. Bad marketing on the part of QuadrOmegan Entertaninment, and added in with the controversial subject matter summed to a limited number of stations willing to take the risk. In Toledo, WUPW 36 aired it at 1:30 AM Tuesdays, and that's probably indicative of the kind of release it got.
When did it Air?
The pilot episode, "The Demon Prince of Rock and Roll" aired on August 17th, 1997. The show went into regular syndication on the week of October 11,1997, and thirteen of the remaining episodes were aired. The Season Finale, "Countdown" has yet to be aired.
What Superiors have made appearances?
It seems to be the nature of an In Nomine campaign to include superiors, especially since generally, at least half the characters can summon them. Likewise, there have been a decent number of Superior Appearances in Austin City Limits Here they are, listed by Superior and Side.
"Bad Omens"
Archangels Episodes
Dominic "Blood and Circuses"
Eli "Blood and Circuses"
Jean "The Demon Prince of Rock and Roll", "Vap to the Future", "Blood and Circuses", "Bad Omens"
Jordi"Bad Omens", "Tiger, Tiger"
Laurence"Bad Omens"
Michael"Vap to the Future", "Quiet, Please!"

Demon PrincesEpisodes
Lucifer"The Demon Prince of Rock and Roll"
Furfur"The Demon Prince of Rock and Roll"
Vapula"Vap to the Future

Rumor has it that Belial and Oannes make appearances in "Countdown", presumably in a flashback. Siince the episode has yet to be aired, I can't confirm or deny it.
Any hope of a second season?
Probably not. Copyrgight trobles with the PBS series Austin City Limits will, at the very least, prevent QuadrOmegan Entertainment from using the title again. It's remarkable that they were allowed to use it that long.
Well, what about a spinoff?
That's possibly more likely. Filming for the pilot and first few episodes of a second series, tenatively named In Nomine: Y2K? has begun, and a Spring 1998 airing seems possible. Details about the pilot have been sketchy. The new series takes place in the very early 21st century, roughly three years after the events of "Countdown.," featuring a mix of the old guard from the first series, and a whole slew of "new blood" characters.

Further on the horizon is Ah, Hell inteded to be, of all things, a sitcom based on the Universe's least desirable real estate.
What about a Movie?
If ever, it's a very remote possibility. SMy sources say that QuadrOmega is sitting on a screenplay called In Nomine: Our Darkest Hour, which would feature Esther, twp new Angels, and a Demon crossing 2000 miles of a post-apocalyptic america. More details as they become availiable.

About the Episodes

About the Actors

What's the deal with Biggles (Esther the Dog) and Brittany Goldwynn (Esther the girl)?
In the pilot, and the flollowing episode "Vap to the Future", Esther was portrayed by Biggles a lovable and intelligent standard collie, He and his trainer, Gina Pennyworth, were well-liked bt all the members of the cast. However, shortly after filming "Vap to the Future", Ms. Pennyworth and Biggles were both tragically killed in a plane crash, while travelling to New York to film a Taco Bell commercial.

Rather than search for a similar collie, theproducers, feeling that more empathy could be developed with a more human Esther, and eventually wound up casting Britanny Amber Goldwynn in the role. The fact that she was the daughter of Hank Goldwynn, the Executive Producer, may have helped a bit, but rumors that she may have had something to do with the plane crash are completely unfounded.
Why did Anson Cardiff (Duncan) leave the series?
Anson Cardiff, as any true officianado of Austin City Limits knows, did most of his own stunts. Unfortunately, the culminating explosion sequence in "No Dineero" proved to be too much for him, when a stray timber flew through the air, narrowly missing his spine. Considering this a religious experience, he soon afterwards joined the Church of Lekkism, and moved to their Armed Compound/Resort Hotel in the Hawaiian Islands to become a Grand High Moolah Poobah. He currently wants nothing to do with his former life as an actor, finding his new life as a religious figure much more lucra--- er, rewarding.

About QuadrOmegan Entertainment

The Real Deal

Allright, what's going on here?
I don't know what you mean. It's merely your everyday average fan page basedon rthe first In Nomine-based, live-action show.
No, I mean what's really going on here?
I resent your implications of wrongdoing.
If you don't tell me what's really going on, I'll eat this kitten. I swear I will!!
You're bluffing.
Don't test me, boy! I'm crazy enough to do it!
All right, alll right, I'll tell you. Essentially, this is th homepage for an IRC campaign I was in volved in, both as a player, and as a GM. It spanned roughly two months of game time, and roughly two years of real-time. It was finn, it was jilarous at times, and like many IRC games, it tended to be interrupted by bursts of lag and disappearing GMs.

Every once in awhile, the GM would pop off to points unknown, generally preventing the game from continuing unitl he returned. Rather than just stop roleplaying, we'd start Roleplaying as actors who were playing our characters in a TV show that was based on the campiagn. And we'd gripe about the catering, about the scripts about the contracts, about just about anything we could think of that we could gripe about. From a director's viewpoint, we probably were the Actors from Hell.

This page is something that's been rolling aorund in my head for awhile. I'd wanted to put up a tribute to the longest-running campaign I'd ever been in, and it seemed a natural outgrowth of the "behind the scenes" roleplaying we'd been doing. Maybe I'll acttuakky get screenshots and theme songs started.
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