Welcome to the latest, the greatest Web-Page for Austin City Limits, the Syndicated series based on Steve Jackson Games' In Nomine game. First airing in 1997, Austin City Limits follows the adventures of four Angels and one Child of the Grigori as they deal with life, liberty, and the pursuit of Evil inside and outside of Austin, Texas. Produced by QuadrOmegan Entertainment, sixteen one-hour episodes were filmed on-location. though as of yet, only fourteen have been aired.

As far as I can tell, there are no other pages for this incredible series, and most people I've told about it have never even heard of it. So it is my duty...Nay, my pleasure, to tell the world of this fascinating series.

Now, if you'll look to your right, you'll find a bunch of links to the sections of this modest page. No, your other right. Wait, I did that joke already. Next I'll probably be claiming this page is "Hours of Fun for the Whole Family."

Home is the page you're reading right now.The FAQ will contain just about everything you never wanted to know about the series. Eventually. Characters will discuss the major, and later, the minor, characters that appeared in the series. Cast will talk about the talented actors who played the main characters on the show. Episodes is a guide for the sixteen episodes that have been filmed. Finally Links will list a number of locations for webpages on similar shows, and on In Nomine. And if the big green titles on each page don't tell you where you are, the dimmed buttons will.

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