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Phillip Corliss, Sorceror

Corporeal Forces: 2 Ethereal Forces: 3 Celestial Forces: 2
Strength: 4 Intelligence: 5 Will: 6
Agility: 4 Precision: 7 Perception: 2
Crippled/3: Right arm missing to Elbow, a Geas/5 to a Lilim of Fate.
Status 5: Art Collector, Servant: Zombi/1
Sorcerous Skills:
Summon/3, Focus/2, Command/1
Artist/4 Medecine/1 Driving/1 Pistol/1 Savoire-Faire/2 Lying/3 Art History/2 Sign Language/1
Corporeal Healing/3 Corporeal Projection/2 Corporeal Form/1
Body: 8/-4 Mind: 15 Soul: 12
Phillip Corliss was an aspriting medical student with a lot of artistic promise. His paintingwere bold an innovative, but unfortunately, were nowhere near sufficiently lucrative to bring him the fame and the fortune he desired. That is, until he met Max Harris, an art dealer who gave Phillip a proposition: If Philip would provide the art, and put together a little capital, just ten thousand or so, and he'd put up an exhibit that would boost Phillip into stardom. And Phillip fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. The day of the ehibition, the gallery was empty, and all the paintings were fgone, along wiht Max and Phillip's money. Phillip was ruined, and had to sell most of what he'd owned to pay off other debts he'd incurred.

Bitter and angry, Phillip then stumbled across an an ancient ,arcane book, in a public livbrary of all places. Paging through it, the book promised that power could be achrieved if he simplty followed the instructions. The rites anwere simple at first, requiring little investment of time,. But the more powerfulk abilities required larger sacrifices.

Phillip hjad a desire for power, but more gropping was his desire for revenge. Revenge upon the man who had cost him everything he held dear. The book required sacrifice of that which the sorceror held most dear to unlock the ture potential. So, late one night, Phillip 'accidentally' sliced off his right hand with a circular saw. Insurance benefis paid for the materials, and his power magnified exponentially. As a macabre joke, he kept the hand in a bottle of formeldahyde to remind hom of the extent he would go to for revenge. A week later, Phillip summoned his first Demon and three days after that, Max HArris met a rather grisly death.

His primary revenge wsatisfied, Corliss became an art collector himself, as without a right arm, he could no longer produce. Bitter about his loss, he appears to be a philantropist willing to sponsor young artists, but what he truly does is lead them down a long twisted road to self-destruction, as his jealously of their abilities manifests. It's almost the steryotypical 'Tortured Artist' schtick.

Six months ago, Phillip was contacted by a Lilim of Fate, who offered to restore his hand...after a fashion. Philip accepted, and the Lilim made some arrangements with a servitor of Death he knew...

The Right Hand of Corliss, Zombi

Corporeal Forces: 3 Ethereal Forces: 1 Celestial Forces: 0
Strength: 1 Intelligence: 1 Will: 0
Agility: 11 Precision: 3 Perception: 0
Need/3: Soak in Brine for 3 hours daily.
Dodge/2 Pistol/3 Acrobatics/1 Sign Language/3 Fighting/2
Body: 6/-3 Mind: 1 Soul: 0
Obtained by a Lilim of Fate, this zombie spends most of its time strapped to the right arm of Phillip Corliss. Stuffed with potpourri, to avoid unsightly odors, Phillip may communicate with the thing verbally, or through muscle movements. For most intents and purposes it acts as a normal arm, which he almost always keeps gloved.

Though the hand belongs to Corliss, the soul inhabiting the hand does not. A benefit of that is the Hand is far more Agile than phillip could ever hope to be. It's almost as hard to kill as Corliss himself. And the hand somehow manages to see and hear without any such sensory apparati, allowing Corliss to detatch it and send it on errands, should the need arise.

The Hand does not transmit any sensory data back to Corliss, however. Its skills are most certainly not Corliss' skills, and at times it seems to have a mind of its own. Most times, Corliss finds it far superior to an ordinary mechanical prosthesis. Most times...

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