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Jathori was exactly the second character I ever made in the In Nomine System, first created as an NPC for Grim88's TwIn Nomine campaign, as one of the Celestials Quintagil, Mercurian of Destiny knew in the Seattle area, and could, in his words "Beat people up for me." The other two were Taggynth, the Angel of Graphic Design (Kyriotate of Creation in Service to Lighting, also known as "Tag"), and Zaidekel, an Ofanite of Dreams, and one of Quintagil's parents. If you charge for Geasa, she's a balanced 8-Force starting character.

Jathori, Bright Lilim Servitor of Flowers

Corporeal Forces: 3 Ethereal Forces: 2 Celestial Forces: 3
Strength: 5 Intelligence: 4 Will: 4
Agility: 7 Precision: 4 Perception: 8
Running/2 Dodge/2 Savoire-Faire/2 Artistry(Drawing)/3 Fast-Talk/3 Lying/3 Emote/4 Seduction/2
Ethereal Song of Light/4 Celestial Song of Form/4 Celestial Song of Light/3 Ethereal Song of Attraction/3
Two Geas/3's, with Lilith as the last known holder.
Vessels and Roles
Human/2 (Charisma/1, Phyllis Bradley, Cartoonist/3(Status/2) ), Gerbil/1
Body (Human): 25/-10 Mind: 8 Soul: 12
Body (Gerbil): 20/-5
"Rare is the Lilim that cuts herself free from Infernal politics, and becomes a force unto herself. I wasn't one of them. Oh, sure, I was initially, Created by Lilith for none, and owing my Forces to her. And for the first century or two, I was Free. But what they don't tell you in the brochure is that being a Free Lilim is hard, and twice as Hard in Hell. Allying yourself with noone has the distinct disadvantage of having noone to protect you when things turn sour. Oh, sure, Mom professes to takeup the cause of the Free Lilim, and she does, but she doesn't have time to defend all the cases.And calling on her too often irks her, that is, unless you have Geasa to offer.

"So I wound up selling my Soul to Kobal. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and for a few decades it was great. Made it to Earth, and was assinged with looking out for the interests of Dark Humor in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, things began to turn sour for me. Dark Humor began to kind of irk me. It wasn't all it seemed cracked up to be. I began repeating my pranks, and racking up dissonance here and there. Then I got word that some Asmodites were asking questions about me. I though about it, and though I didn't want life as a Servitor of Dark Humor, I _really_ didn't want life as a Renegade Demon, and I really, really didn't want life as a dead demon..So I decided to set up something elaborate.

Took me the better part of a year to get everything in place. You probably saw the news footage. "Senator Greenwood charged with Murder of Jersey Woman." It was a masterpiece. The case had been almost airtight, too.

And then there was a knock on my door, and the Gamesmen burst in. There was a Djinn, I think his name was Sargon. He looked at me, and smiled.

"Renegade." was the one word I remember him saying. Then the Calabim he brought with him began to do their thing.

"I don't like to talk about what happened next. I don't really remember many of the details. They went after me until I went Celestial to escape, and then they went after me celestially, ripping my forces away. If it weren't for the Malakim who came crashing in soon after, attracted by the Noise, I wouldn't have made it. As it was, I came very, very close to becoming a Remnant, but managed to get away in the ensuing mayhem.

"It was time to get the Hell out of Dodge, and I did. Not wanting to look like an escapee from the morgue, I stayed out of my Human vessel, and swapped to my Gerbil vessel, and hid in a mail van for a few days. When I felt comfortable leaving the truck, I found myself in Austin, Texas.

"Something really wierd's going on in Austin. And it's Noisy as Hell. I didn't hang around long enough to figure out what it was, though. I holed up in an abandoned warehouse long enough for my human Vessel to heal up, and tried to avoid people in general, celestials in particular. When I was well enough, I got a bus ticket out of there, and roamed the country for awhile.

"While I was on the bus, I had my first chance to sit and really think about what had happened. And I realized, for the first time, that I wasn't the same person anymore. I'd lost a good chunk of memory from being ripped at by the Calabim, but this was more than that. My personality, my outlook had completely changed.

"You see Lilith buidls us from Forces. Most of these forces come from Demons and Demon princes. Some of them come from Ethereal spirits, or even Angels, though. I think I have a few Angelic Forces in me, but most of my Forces were Demonic in nature. Being torn asunder by the Calabim might have ripped free a lot of my Dark Side and sent it spinning off into the Symphony. To plagarize, Leaving me a Kinder, Gentler, Jathori. Scared the Hell out of me. For the first time in centuries, I didn't even know who /I/ was.

"I ran for awhile, skipping from town to town, trying to keep ahead of the Asmodians I was always seeing behind me. Duluth. Miami. Salt Lake City. Little Rock. Toledo. Flagstaff. Memphis. Finally, I wound up in Pierre.

Not needing to eat helps a lot, but you can only run so far. I emptied my bank accounts, and called in favors as discretely as I could. That's when I met Bruce Willis.

"Hah. No, not that Bruce Willis. Though the resemblannce was there, the dreadlocks spoiled it. Anyway he was counceling the Arts and Crafts part of a day camp, and he got me a job there. He was definately fun to be around. kinda oddball, and very cryptic and open at the same time, if that makles any kind of sense. He wound up teaching me how to draw, and wonder of wonders, I got pretty good at it. Things were going pretty well. I hadn't seen hide nor hair of any Renegade-Hunters in close to a year, and I began to think that things would be alright.

"And then, near the End of the Summer, Bruce said he had to leave, He also told me that he knew what I was, what I had been, and what I could become. I was in a bit of shock at the time, as I didn't think I'd iven the slightest clue to my Celestial heritage. He said that If I felt I could trust him, he could introduce me to some people he thought might be able to help me.

So Bruce introduced me to Hadrian, Talice, and Chuck, three angels of Novalis working in Northern California. I wound up working with them for a year or two, and with their help, managed to avoid a few more attempts on my Life by Asmodeites who, as it turned out Hadn't forgotten me.

We also managed to uncover and thwart a plot by servitors of Nybbas to reduce funding to park system, and inciting a gang war at the same time, in an attempt to prevent the construction of a Tether to Novalis. The Tether was established, if a little off schedule, and Talice wound up its Seneschal. Chuck and Hadrian both recieved Friend distinctions, and me, I got Redeemed, the first Redemption performed at the New Tether.

Afer that, I spend the following Decade in Heaven, learning the ropes, and spending a lot of time bein interviewed by servitors of Dominic. SOP for the Redeemed, I guess. What struck me, though, was how _nice_ they were. Compared to seritors of Asmodeus, that is. I suppose having a Seraph on the team tendsrto allow one to use less vicious interrogation methods.

Interestingly enough,m I'd found out that Dominic held one of my remaining Geasa. I gather it was taken as spoils of war from its former holder(A Balseraph of Media, it's a very long story) by one of his angels, who handed it over to him.

To steal a phrase, "Heaven's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." It's a bit too clean, a bit too perfecy. So I asked for an assignment to Earth, and wound up in Seattle.

That pretty much brings me up to to today. Today, I'm Pheobe Bradley. I write a comic strip for the Seattle Herald and the Tacoma News Tribune called "Chuck and Cynthuia" which is about a newlywed couple that lives in Greenland, of all places. It's a nice, uplifting comic. I'm still recovering from that nasty thing with the Calabim about forty years back,. I'm nowhere near as strong as I used to be...but I'm working at it.

The Djinn didn't find me again, I have no idea what happened to him. I hope the Malakim ripped him to shreds, along with the Calabim. I must have done something pretty drastic to merit spontaneous renegade status. I think I may have put Kobal's Big Jest in danger. Or maybe he just got sick of me. I'd gotten sick of him a few years earlier. Fair's fair, I guess. Would have been nice to have my own hit squad to send after him, but if wishes were fishes the whole world would stink to high heaven.

"Hm, let's see...what else do I need to say? Oh yes. Quintagil. What can I say about Quintagil? He's...strange. He prefers to be called by his Role's name, Quinn Dalton, and he even tends to think of himself as Quinn most of the time. He calls me 'P.J.', which I absolutely _loathe_. He's pretty naiive too. Often, he seems to think the world is all sunshine and roses until it smacks him upside the head that it isn't. He's probably going to wind up killed repeatedly, or worse. So I'll keep an eye on him. If I were human, I'd probably decribe him as 'The Intensely annoying younger brother I'm glad I never had.

"Well, that's all I feel like talking about today. I've got a deadline to keep. Maybe we'll talk later."

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