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Judith is a "gimmick" character, and a slightly munchkin one at that. She was designed to be one of those characters that you aren't supposed to mess with because she'll kick your ass up and down the street, and just to see how far one could go with the In Nomine system. Judith is a 10-Force starting character, how balanced she is remains to be seen.

Judith, Kyriotate of Stone

Corporeal Forces: 5 Ethereal Forces: 2 Celestial Forces: 3
Strength: 12 Intelligence: 4 Will: 5
Agility: 8 Precision: 4 Perception: 7
Human/5, Sex Appeal +1 Made of Orange Sandstone. Hair is slate, eyes are Sapphires. Power+2, Protection 5. Stands 7'0" tall, and weighs 810 lbs. Normally wearing a pair of jeans, high-top sneakers, and a denim jacket, over a T-Shirt that reads "Miss Thing".
Kyriotate of Stone.
Fighting[STR]/4 Driving[PRE}/1 Seduction[PER]/1 Dodge[AGI]/4 Large Weapon:Car[STR]/1
Corporeal Healing/4 Corporeal Motion/2
Body (Human): 120/-60 Mind: 8 Soul: 21

Judith is a bruiser. There's no doubt about it. It's almost certain she's the most corporeally-formidable Celestial in the Toledo Area, under normal circumstances. Her stomping ground is a catholic Elementary school and its environs, where she watches over the local Girl Scout Troop.

Judy loves to fight, but there's one thing standing in her way: She works for David, and David says "Thou Shalt not Strike First." Usually, this isn't a problem. Most Demons startled by a 7' tall woman popping out of nowhere will open fire, especially if she picks up their car and waves it around in a threatening manner. Smart Demons will realize she is a Kyriotate of stone and do their best not to attack her. Her strategies against this include manifesting her Vessel in front of a thrown punch, kick, or speeding car. Should push come to shove, and should the Demons annoy her sufficiently, she has been known to eat Dissonance for a good old-fashioned smiting.
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