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From: (Wolgemuth Andrew G)
Subject: Re: Smart Dolphins
Date: 24 Oct 1994 06:06:50 GMT
Organization: Queen's University, Kingston
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Neelakantan Krishnaswami ( wrote:
: In article <38c07o$>, (Sean Miner)
: |> Has anyone noticed that dolphins in 2nd Edition are Lawful Good and 
: |> smarter than the average human?

        This, of course, is only in the game.  Real-world dolphins are 
very stupid.  Incredibly stupid.  Just stupid fish, that's all.  Of 
course, they're mammals, and too intelligent to kill, so don't kill any 
dolphins at all, but they can't communicate with you.  That's right, 
don't even try to communicate with a dolphin, it's too stupid.  Dolphins 
are too stupid to communicate with us, or to become involved in wars, or 
politics, or trade, so don't even try get them involved in our society.  
Oh, and they also tell me that they demand the release of all hostages in 
aquarium parks, or else we should bring Steven Spielberg to the beaches, 
because he'll get enough footage for 500 "Jaws" sequels.  Oops, I mean, I 
demand... uh, no, WE demand... all of us, a lot of PEOPLE.  No dolphins.  
They're too stupid.  They're incapable of being involved in human 
society.  Really.

A. Wolgemuth (Who is not recieving rather damp monthly cheques, drawn on 
an anonymous swiss bank account.  Really.)