From: (John Edwards)
Subject: Re: More kenders die! (Re: a question on Race????)
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 1996 08:33:34 GMT
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The ever-so-wise ""  once said:

->Some would say kenders deserve to be eaten.

Taken from the 'Book of the Tanzi"

     And thus, it was complete.  The world was done.  Perfect in all ways.
And the Tanzi were glad.  Now, all that was left was to bring in those that
would populate this perfect world.  Those who would live in harmony...

     And thus they did open the gateways, and allowed the races to enter.  

     And the Humans came.  Many races built cities, and planted farms, and
their life was good.

     And the Elves came, both light and dark.  And the light built homes in
the great forests and the dark built great cities beneath the world's surface.

     And the Dwarves came, and they too built great halls beneath the world's

     And the Kender came.

        "Wait, wait wait, stop." Said  Aqua, the Water Brother.
        "What?" asked Maara, the Earth Mother.
        "What was that?" asks Aqua, pointing.
        "It's a Kender!" exclaims Ferra, the Fire goddess.
        "Stop It, Keep them out!" shouts Aaara, God of Air.
        "Look, there's another one." says Maara

     And the Orcs came, and they plundered the cities of the humans.

        "I got it!" Shouts Aqua.  "Where's the other?"
        "It's under there." Says Ferra, pointing.
        Rummmble.  "That takes care of that one." Says Maara.
        "Are there any more?  We'd better check."  Says Aaara
        "Look, more!  Over there!"  Says Ferra.

     And the Dark One passed through the gate, seeking more lands to

        "There are too many to hunt down one at a time." says Aqua  "We need
          to ban them all"
        "Ban them?  That's drastic."  Says Ferra, as she burns twelve of the
          beasts to cinders.
        "That means we can't ban *anything* else." says Maara.
        "Would you rather have these thing here?" asks Aqua.

    	And the Lich King entered the gates, bringing with him his hordes.  And
they settled on the Isle of the Dead.

        "So be it.  The race of Kender is hereby banned from Tanzigier,"  Says
        "The race of Kender is hereby banned from Tanzigier." Says Aqua.
        "The race of Kender is hereby banned from Tanzigier." Says Aaara
        "The race of Kender is hereby banned from Tanzigier." Says Maara

      And thus was the race of Kender banned for all time from the world of Tanzigier.
Those remaining, and all who entered thereafter became dust.

        "Now, what have we missed?" asked Aqua.


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