From: Terry O'Brien 
Subject: Re: Strange Luck and Stranger Behavior (more gaming stories)
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 95 22:50:52 -0500
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A friend used to run a VD&D game where you could actually encounter
various dieties (he used the gods from _Creatures of Light and Darkness_) so
you could meet Anubis, Set, Orisis, Isis, etc.
He also had a rule for a natural 20: if you rolled a second d20 and got a 20
it was an instant kill.
Anyway, this Hlaka (Petal Throne non-hunam race) thief and his party ran into
Anubis. In the middle of the fight, the thief ran up behind Anubis and hit.
The player rolled a 20. The GM says "You'd better not ..." and the player
rolls -another- 20. Anubis is greeted with the sight of a short sword
protruding from his chest as he falls face-first to the dirt.
It gets better. All that was killed was the mortal avatar of the god, and
Anubis, being the Lord of the Dead, got another one the next day. So of course
he hunts down the thief amd takes him to the depths of his main temple to
educate him on the error of his ways. The thief's friends attack the temple
and finally fight their way down to the torture chamber, where the thief is
stretched out on a rack and being threatened with red-hot pokers.
In the ensuring firefight, the thief manages to get an arm free, grab a poker,
and try to stab Anubis. You guessed it. 20. The GM says "You'd better NOT..."
Another 20. Anubis is greeted with the sight of a red-hot poker protruding
from his chest as he falls face-first to the floor.
Needless to say, he didn't try a second time. And the experience the thief
got for both kills was probably obscene.
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