Here, there was supposed to be a decent number of links and things about GURPS, which stands for Generic Universal Role-Playing System. Since it's not entirely up yet, you might as well grab a few of the extant links.

The Links of Others

Steve Jackson Games
Steve Jackson Games' Homepage, The homepage for the company that produces GURPS, as well as a number of other games, like Car Wars, Dino Hunt, Ogre, Nightmare Chess, In Nomine, and Illuminati: New World Order. Go straight to the GURPS pages, or stop by their Daily Illuminator for news, information, or just Really Wierd Stuff.
J. Hunter Johnson
J. Hunter Johnson is the errata coordinator for GURPS, the guy who has the reasonably thankless task of htmlizing current errata for GURPS. He probably does more stuff than that for Steve Jackson Games, but I'm too lazy to find out. His GURPS Links page is networked to a number of other GURPS pages.
Archangel Beth
Archangel Beth. Why is she an Archangel? Don't ask me. Ask her. I tend to stay out of the whole Demon-Angel-God-Satan mechanic altogether. Less complicated that way. Can sit back, have a soda, and watch the Apocalypse from my front porch. Anyway,she's got a whole bunch of GURPS utilites too. A huge character database, and the HTMLized archives of Roleplayer magazine, for starters.
Incanus' GURPS page contains a number of articles he's written and articles gleaned from Definately worth checking out. I still have no idea what "Incanus" means. Sure, he defines it on the homepage, but that's too easy...There must be some deeper, more Illuminated meaning. I will discover it, and keep it to myself! Hah! A thousand times Hah! Or thereabouts.

The Links of Mine

GURPS N'Saldon: The World of Seven Wonders.
Here you'll find the page of my Game-World N'Saldon. Overall, it's TL3-ish Fantasy. Psionics are onlso in evidence. Said pages have been recently revamped in a more book-like form, but they're still pretty far from complete. Unfortunately for you, the Revampment's still on one of my Zip Disks, and not here.
Here's that Crossbows thing you were looking for. That is, if you were looking for it. Just noticed it was mentioned in the GURPS FAQ, and realized I didn't have it anywhere on my homepage. D'Oh. Why doesn't someone tell me these things? Anyway, this is a listing for stats of a number of Crossbows, designed with the GURPS Vehicles Weapon-design rules. Enjoy.
Mechanical Artillery
Before Crossbows, there was Mechanical Artillery. These are more weapons built with the GURPS Vehicles weapon construction system, namely large artillery peices, suitable for mounting on carts or ships, and stuff, as well as a few flamethrowers. Enjoy this too.