Hi! My name is Nana Yaw Ofori, two-word first name, pronounced like nuh-NYE-uh. I'm a student at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. I like, RPG's Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Ungodly Amounts of Money. (doesn't Everybody?)
Oh, and I suppose you're wondering why I'm referred to as 'Fish.' Well, in a Star Wars RPG campaign, I made a rather interesting character known as Lucas 'The Fish' Kale. The character was extremely paranoid, but that's not the point. Anyway, The character was never referred to as 'The Fish', but the name stuck to me. I was ticked off, and that caused it to stick even harder, so, I decided to accept it. These things happen.
I suppose now I should describe the links that you see on your right. No, your other right. People is the homepages of people I've met personally, and homepages of people I haven't quite bothered to hunt down yet.Places is a number of miscellaneous links. My Stuff is various things I can be held accountable for. Usenet is a number of newsgroups I find intresting. New Stuff is just recent stuff I've added. RPGs is a new section about Role-playing games. IRC is a budding section about Internet Relay Chat.
Thanks be to the people of Tripod for bringing about the third incarnation of this homepage. Feel free to grab their link, from the annoying floating ad-window you ignored. I'm sure they don't mind.
This page is best viewed on a computer, preferably with a Web Browser of some kind.
Since its displacement people have been exposed to the peachy-keen mind control rays.

Haven't changed much since April 23, 1998


Disclaimer: All references to persons, living or dead, are purely intentional and should be considered ridicule.

If you want to see the statistics For this homepage, go ahead. I have noShame

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