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Faces of Austin

This is intended to be my little Hodge-Podge of characters who live and die within the City of Austin. Most of these guys have made an appearance in the Austin City Limits campaign, but a few have yet to show up. And most of these pictures are too small to devote an entire page to, so I thought I'd just bunch them all together.


Player Characters in our lovely little campaign. Since these are some of the more important entities in the Austin City Limits campaign, I'm probably going to eventually do a full-body picture for them, and their own separate pages.

Dante, Ofanite of Destiny

Played by Gandalf, Dante was rather hyperactive, even for an Ofanite. He wasn't around for much of the campaign. He did some strange and possibly detrimental things, like stripping naked in the middle of Zara's salon, and offering ro sell drugs to members of the band in Demon Prince of Rock and Roll. Soon after that incident, he flew off into the night, claiming he'd eaten some bad grapes. A couple months later, he reappeared in New York, and was last seen wandering around the Harbor, shouting at ships, trying to arrange passage to Africa for Drake.
Hey, man, want some weed?
War! What is it good for? Do you really have to ask?

Amon-Nahashel, Malakite of War

Played by Stardrake, Amon-Nahashel also made an appearance as a PC in Ryan Beall's TwIn Nomine campaign. A fifteen-thousand-year-old former Seraph of Light, he'd become one of Heaven's foremost warriors...Until he fell in love with a Lilim, who subsequently was captured by the Game. Not one for subtlety, Drake led a rescue mission into the very heart of Hell to retrieve her...and failed disastrously. Capttured by the forces of Evil,, he spent several decades being vivisected and experimented on until somehow he managed to escape. How, and why, he still does not know. And since people very rarely just walk out of the secure labs in Tarterus' Complex Alpha...he's not sure if he wants to find out.

Favored NPC's

The higher-ups in Austin, most of which have lovely illustrations of their own in Night Music. Just homages/interperetations/whatever to those pictures, really.

Druiel, Seraph Outcast from Children, The Angel of Teenage Death

Poor Druiel. Brutally murdered backstage at the Erwin Center during the concert in Demon Prince of Rock and Roll, his death has set into motion a number of rather uncomfortable events that could threaten the fate of Austin as we know it. Furthermore his attempt to support his misbegotten Word had driven him out of Heaven's good graces, a fact that had been kept secret from the vast majority of Austin's Celestials until quite recently. Having spent two months in Limbo, he's due for an "Early Release" orchestrated by a pair of Angels of Children who finally got word about what he was /really/ doing. How his stint in Nothingness has changed Drew remains to be seen.
Die, Die, Die!
I'm older than the mountains, but younger than the hills.

The Old Guy, Malakite of the Sword, Seneschal of Treaty Oak

The Old Guy hasn't ben much of a major character in the Austin City Limits campaign. He doesn't know who slew Druiel and the time he's spent tending to his dying Tether has prevented him rom mounting a thorough investigation himself. Oh an Alexandria kind of murdered an old woman in Zilker Park durin a time travel trip to 1985 while she was possessed by a Shedite,, but she's had the good fortune that the Old Guy hasn't recognized her.


Tomas, Mercurian of Creation, The Angel of Catchy Tunes

Against all better Judgment, Tomas fell in love with Alexandria Harris, Austin's resident Child of the Grigori. Luckily for him, damned few know she's not 100% human, and both of them would like to keep it that way. The Dommsey Twins, Barry and Carrie, don't know yet, but then, they're unaware of the existence of the Truce, spending most of their time in St. Michaels. Should that change, though, Tomas is set up to take Druiel's title as "Celestial most likely to get zapped by an Archangel"...
Why did Constantinople get the works?
Die, Die, Die!

Wrenchial, Calabite of Fire, the Demon of Amps

Wrench, rather miraculously, managed to pull through Demon Prince of Rock & Roll amost completely unscathed. Inexplicably, Belial didn't turn up the heat on him after that little Furfur stunt, which points towards one of two things. Either Belial doesn't care mych about what happened, Wrench wa able to adequately cover his tracks, or Belial is planning something really nasty to torch him with. A bit arrogantly, Wrench is leaning towards the second, which may be very bad for him...At present, he's hitched up with local Media Demon Marlena d'Enfer to pull together a some kind of musical festival.

Zara, Cherub of Flowers

With Druel gone and Tomas...otherwise occupied (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!) Zara's become the glue that holds the Austin Truce together. And, face it, sh's simply not as good at placating Austin's Factions as Tomas was. She tries very hard, but she doesn't have the time , connections, or insight that Tomas did, and she simply wasnt a close to the Old Guy as Druiel was. Hairline fractures are seepuing into the Austin situation, and as little as one good swing with a sledgehammer could smash the Truce to pieces.
Peace and Love!

Minor NPC's

The lesser entities in Austin, some of which are important in Austin City Limits some of which aren't...yet. A it about what they've meant to the campaign, as well.
I say we crash a Tanker Truck into the Tokamak.

Darius and Marius, Ofanite and Elohite of Lightning

Darius on the Left, Marius on the right. Neither of these guys have played too lare a part in the Austin City Limits campaign, as their primary focus is getting the Tokamak shut down, and they tend to pursue this course of action to the exclusion of all else. Causing localized power failures, stealing equipment, doctoring books to cause budget overruns, organizing Anti-Nuke demonstrations, they are doing everything they can to get the Tokamak shut down short of gunning down Vilson from the clock tower.
Hmmm...Wait a couple months, then try it again!
First on the Spot, and ratings are hot!

Powers Long, Balseraph of the Media

From the "Cindy Summers" school of hairstyling, I guess. Pretty much a minr character so far, Powers Loong cang generally be seen on the KEYE Nightly news. More people than would admit it publically listen to "The Way I See It," her bi-weekly editorials. Though they may be controversial, and sometimes inflammatory, they do bring down decent ratings, and they do get things done.

Both Powers Long and Marlena d'Enfer were instrumental in the success of the concert during Demon Prince of Rock and Roll In fact, it was so successful, that nobody would be suprised if there was a promotion coming down the line soon. The question is...was it successful enough for two promotions?

Vilson, Habbalite of Technology

Vilson is walking a tightrope. WHen the Demon of Electromagnetic Energy stole a Vapulan prototype Time Machine, Vilson and four three other Demons of Technology were sent back in time to recover it. Due to the interference of the PC's, ths mission failed disastrously, and the Time Machine wound up in Hall 23.

The only reason Vilson is still around is because Vapula needs someone to keep an eye on the Tokamak, and working another Demon into a position where she could get her hands on the Fusion Reactor on a regular basis is a hair more trouble than it would be worth. Still, he's got that ace in the Hole: The MediLabs Tether. He's still the only one who knows about it, for certain. He has no chance of becoming its Seneschal now, but if he screws up again, revealinf it just might prevent Vapula from volunteering him for Force-Manipulation experiments...

It just hasn't been my month...
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