Right. What we've got here, is a page for Steve Jackson Games' In Nomine, a game of Angels & Demons duking it out contemporarily. Hours of fun for the whole family. This page is even more incomplete than the AD&D page, but will become more complete wit h tide. In the future, you may see stuff from my In Nomine: City of Glass PBEM here. Maybe not.

Yes, I know this page is not dark and mysterious and all black and stuff. Couldn't find a good painter. Still looking.

In Nomine
Here, you'll find SJG's In Nomine page, which goes over the basics of the game, what's availaible, and whatnot.
In Nomine Collection
Another fine page by Archangel Beth. All sorts of fan-authored stuff. A truly priceless resource for the enterprising In Nomine GM.
My Art
Sometimes I get bored. When I get bored, sometimes, I draw. And sometimes, when I draw I scan stuff in. So here's some In Nomine-based art I did. Check it out. Or something.
Angelic X-Faces
X-Face headers that show the In Nomine Angelic Choir Symbols! Collect 'em! Trade 'em! Race 'em! Well, maybe not the last two...
Demonic X-Faces
X-Face headers that show the In Nomine Demonic Band Symbols! Now, you too can broadcast your Band choice all over the internet. To people with X-Face compatible newsreaders and email clients, anyway.
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