Ah, IRC. Internet relay chat. Many an hour can be spent talking to people hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. People you've never quite met. Anyway, this is a link to a number of things having to do with IRC, starting with IRC channels.
#ad&d EFNet
A generic, all-rpg channel, that's mostly talk about a lot of other subjects. Decent place to visit. I'm an Op there, and you'll find me under the /nick of Lekk.
#ad&d DALnet
Another all-rpg oriented channel, but this one's a lot more RPG-oriented than its EFnet cousin. You're liable to find games here. I'm an Op here too, and once again, I use the /nick Lekk.
#innomine EFNet
A channel that is about Steve Jackson Games' In Nomine. Very likely to find people willing to talk here, as well as a game or two. Look for me as Daphne.
#ircle UNDERNet
A channel about the best Mac IRC client on Earth, IRCle. Hours of fun for the whole family, and a great place to actually test out that Faces thing. Main reason I'm there, anyway. I'll be there as Lekk, if I am.