And here we've got a page for really cool applications for my platform of Choice, Macintosh. Eventually, I hope to have links for every shareware/freeware program I use. For now, though, it's gonna be a bit empty.
Apple Computer
Well, how could I possibly have a Macintosh page without this link? Huh? Tell me that. I didn't think so.
The Mac Orchard
This is the holy grail of those who search for Macintosh internet applications. This page has them all, lovingly archived and categorized for swift download and examination. Virtually any Mac Internet App of any quality can be found linked to on this one glorious page. Have a look-see.

Multi-Threaded Newswatcher
A Descendant of John Norstad's amazing Newswatcher program, Simon Frasier's MT-Newswatcher is, as far as I'm concerned, Heir to the Throne of the Macintosh Newsreader market. Does X-Faces. Filtering. Multi-Trheaded operation. It is, most definately, all that, and a bag of chips. Truly Essential.
IRCLE is, by far, the best Macintosh client I've ever tried, and I use 3.0b10 constantly. Exceedingly stable, the client supports multiple connections (a must for my style of IRCing), Applescript, Faces, and is truly excellent. It blows its competitors, MacIRC (Hah!) and Homer (Double-Hah!) hundreds of feet out of the water. The only minor beef I have with it is that documentation's a bit lacking, so you'll have to experiment a bit yourself to figure out what this baby can do.