Here was planned to be the homepages of a whole bunch of people I've met through the internet. Unfortunatley, I keep forgetting to write down the adresses, so presently, there are none.
HAH! I Lied! There are URLS here! I was just too lazy to delete the original text. Pity me. Anyway, there won't be that much description of the pages, as I haven't quite gotten aroiund to looking at them yet.
Beyond that, you'll find the homepages of people I've actually met. You may want to look at those too, but they're evil. EVIL! EEEEVIL! Okay, so they're not. But they could be.
Clurin's Homepage
Dorgan's Homepage
Raylen's Homepage
Maznafein's Homepage
Fyndalf's Homepage
ChrisEspo's Homepage
Mal-666's Homepage
Kessie, Cece, and Saydee's Homepage
Asmund's Homepage
Grim88's Homepage

Steve Houchard's Homepage
A nice, solid homepage, with some cool links and some interesting stuff. But so is this, and Wonder of Wonders, he's given me a link, let us greviously wound ourselves in rapture! Oh, try not to drown in that sarcasm, there. He still spells "Wuss" wrong. He spells it "Wouss". Terribly, horribly wrong. But don't Mail Him and don't tell him that. It'll make him mad.! Oh, and here's a link to his shockin' Galaxy Warrior RPG Homepage. He's been bugging me to give him one, as my page sees more hits in a month than his does in a year. He needs the publicity.
Matt Salazar's Homepage
Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there..Heh, he's gonna kill me for saying that about his homepage, but I don't care! I live on the Edge! Thrillseeker is my Name!
Chris Milas' Homepage.
A nice homepage, but I don't like it. Why? Becuase, in some, major stretch of the imagination, it might be three-sixteenths as cool as mine, which, as you know, is heresy. Luckily, he will be one of the first to be slain when the Revolution comes. I will claim his homepage as my own, and all will be happy.
What passes for Chuck Dulin's Homepage.
A wierd and strange thing...I don't think he quite gets the concept of having a homepage...And evidently, being rightly ashamed of this debacle, he's hidden it from us. Fear not, however, I have tracked it down! Look upon it and Cower in Revulsion!
Steve Chan's Non-Homepage.
This guy doesn't even have a homepage! Wanna see?
Joe Hartford's Homepage
A debacle, the likes of which have never been seen since Chuck Dulin's homepage! None of the coolness you find inherent here. Look upon it, and scream 'Torment My Eyes!' like some freaky 'Pirates of Dark Water' extra.
Joey Sima's Homepage
A tribute to the depths homepage designers can sink, Joey's homepage is only here to make Joe's homepage look good. By selecting this link, you agree that all eye injury caused by sharp objects in reacton to this debacle is the fault of Joseph Sima, and not mine. Enter at your own risk.