GURPS Homepage
Do you like Roleplaying? Which Genre? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Cyberpunk? Bleak Future? Ice Age? Aztec? Who Cares? GURPS will do it for you!
Spider-Man Home-Page
A Red and Bluish Spider fought crime with lots of clout
But it seems he was a clone, so MARVEL threw him out
In came the Scarlet Spider, But Doc Ock soiled his name
Now, Ben Reily, Newest Spider-Man, Crawls in New York Again...

Then the readers got quite restless at the writers' fun.
They started up a boycott, and their position won.
So MARVEL brought back Peter, and sent Benny to his grave.
Vicous Deus Ex Machina, and MARVEL claims the save.
Gold Digger
The homepage of t he B&W comic series that is probably my second favorite after the Spider-Man stuff. You'll just have to see for yourself. A Damn fine place to visit, and would probably be a great place to live. If one could live in HTML.
One Ring to Rule them All...No, I'm not talking Tolkien. I'm talking something on the order of Six Billon times bigger. I'm talking the Largest Artifact in Larry Niven's Known Space. Here's a site with some really cool computer-generated pics of it by James Williams.
Known Space
A, I grudgingly admit, rather nice homepage about my favorite Sci-Fi Universe, Larry Niven's Known Space. Actually, it's a brilliant, well thought-out site, my main gripe with it was that he preferred the picture of the ringworld with the huge clouds to the ones by James Williams. Ahh, well. Beggars can't be choosers.
The Integral Trees
An incredible site about Niven's books, The Integral Trees and The Smoke Ring. Detailed descriptions, MPEGs, the Works. even tho ugh it's not finished yet, do yourself a favor and stop by. It's well worth the trip.
The Infamous Exploding Whale
Hello, there boys and girls! This is a son g about a whale. NO! This is your old pal Stinky WHizzleteeth. Well, actually, it's not. Instead, it's a nice locale where you can watch the news report on a very interesting method of getting rid of a beached whale carcass. Enjoy.
The Adventurers Homepage
500+ episodes that chronicle an AD&D Greyhawk Campaign, run by Thomas Miller, from its first-level inception to its conclusion, and beyond. The stories themselves are archived at dpm's home page. Eat, drink, and floss daily.