The World of N'Saldon
A Description of my GURPS game-world, Fantasy, TL3, Still under construction.
The Sh*t List
Remember Sh*t Happens? Remember those Sh*t Happens Religion T-Shirts? What would happen if we applied that to RPG's?
Top Ten Funniest
the Top ten funniest things I've ever found on the Internet. There may be more than 10 or less than ten,But what the heck, I'm no stickler for semantics.
Sig File Archive
For those of you who don't know, I'm the guy with the 'FISH!' Signature on various newsgroups. I try to have at least one funny quote in with the signature. I decided, what the hell, why don't we have an Archive? Well, there are only Two Sigs there now..but the Archive will grow larger as time passes. Soon it will control time and space!