In Nomine: Triad 317
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Human: "Live, from Toledo, it's Triad 317!"
Seraph: "Who are you? How did you get in here?"
Elohite: "Him? He's the guy I hired to make this webpage. What with the aftermath of that trip to Anchorage hasn't left us with much free time."
Cherub: "Don't look at me. I'm not the one who shot shot the Texas Ranger."
Seraph: " He survived, didn't he? Besides, it was annoying , the way he kept challenging everyone to hand-to-hand combat."
Cherub: " I'm surprised the Kyrio didn't jump him sooner."
Human: "About that 'pay' thing. I want to talk about that last check you gave--"
Elohite: " Later. We've got a page to run."


Everything you never wanted to know, about the whos, whys, and wherefores of this webpage.


What may, or may not have changed since your last visit to this homepage. Last changes: March 3,1999


A small bag of characters for perusal, use, or uproarious ridicule. Coming soon.


A repository of various mystic songs to make bizzare occurances occur at your whim.


Things you know you don't want your character to possess.


A quite small book of diverse artifacts. Hours of fun for the whole family.


Divergences from Canon, this is intended to be a small repository of house rules.


Precisely what it says. In Nomine-based sketches. Submitted for thine approval.


Adventures, Campaigns, Tranlations, and Settings may eventually be showcased here. Eventually. Perhaps now.


A mish-mash of miscellaneous items that just don't fit anywhere else.


Well, there had to be a links page somewhere, didn't there?


Hope you enjoyed your stay here at Triad 317. Partake of our lovely consolation prizes, such as my other pages. And remember, Just Say No to Heresy.
This page is brought to you by Smite. Don't drink it because you like it. Drink because the Wrath of God will descend upon you if you don't. Drink Smite.

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Human: "Look, dammit, I want to get paid!"
Seraph: "The world is going to Hell in a Handbasket, idiom. Crime is rising at exponetial rates, Demonic influence runs rampant through Governments and the Media! Is money the only thing you think about?!"
Human: "I thought that's what you guys were here to take care of. Me, I want my money."
Seraph: *sigh* "Sometimes, I wonder why we even bother..."
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Details I Differences I Dossiers I Dirges

Discord I Devices I Divergences I Drawings I Dimensions I Diverse I Destinations I Depart

Triad 317