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Places to go, people to see, what would the World Wide Web be without links? Eventually, I hope to have several million links here. I'm getting there. What's a few orders of magnitude between friends?

Official Sites

In Nomine
Here, you'll find SJG's In Nomine page, which goes over the basics of the game, what's availaible, and whatnot.
The In Nomine FAQ
Everything you ever really didn't want to know about In Nomine, but other people did, and already asked.
Pyramid Magazine
Being SJG's house magazine, it's likely to have quite a bit of In Nomine support. It's also going to require a subscription, as its web-published nowadays.

Unofficial Sites

In Nomine Collection
Another fine page maintained by Emily Dresner. All sorts of fan-authored stuff. A truly priceless resource for the enterprising In Nomine GM.
The Reliquary
Graveyard Greg's Frabjous In Nomine site has risen from the dead! Visit it before it kills again!
Grim88's In Nomine Page.
A page for In Nomine stuff, including an IRC campaign, and his TwIn Nomine PbEM. On top of that, it's a page for EFNet's #innomine.
Drake's In Nomine Page
Drake's In Nomine page, with Superior Stats, Dragons and Griffins, and Malakim, Oh my.
J. E. Christgau's In Nomine Homepage
The home of the In Nomine Webring (well, the only In Nomine webring I know of), this nice site alos offers religious woodcuts, character sheets, and fonts.
Jo's In Nomine Page
A positively huge repository of In Nomine stuff. Fiction, Plot Seds, Fluff, Characters and Links. Less stuff than you could shake a stick at, but it would require a pretty big stick.
Light Makes the Shadows
Christopher Paul's source page for In Nomine, featuring Characters, Adventures, and Songs. Nice place. Check out Quiet, Please!
My Own Private Blasphemy
David Wood's In Nomine campaign page, about which all I can say is "Dear Sweet God." Remarkably complete site. Characters, Campaign notes, items, and so on. Do yourself a favor and check it out.
Yahoo In Nomine Club
It's an In Nomine Yahoo club, started by Graveyard Greg. Chat groups. Chat sections. Some other stuff, I'm not exactly sure what, may be there too.

Other Resources

The In Nomine Mailing List Archives
The primary metier of discussion on In Nomine. Expect about 40-50k a day of messages on hundreds of in-nomine related, and unrelated subjects. To join, send a message to with the text Join "subscribe in_nomine-l "for direct-mail, or "subscribe in_nomine-digest" for the digest version.
With the abscence of an actual In Nomine newsgroup, (though there was a brief call for one, it was shot down), newsgroup postings regarding In Nomine are most likely to be posted here.
#InNomine EFnet
If you've got your browser and IRC client speaking to one another right, the above link should connect you to #innomine EFnet. While it's not a very big channel, and patronage has been down over the summer, it's quite possible you will find someone to talk to. Also, you may want to visit the #innomine EFnet Homepage.
Seraph: "Well, that's a little better. This is becoming a respectable links page."
Elohite: "Amazing, ain't it? Just you wait."

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