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"I said in my heart, God will judge the righteous and the wicked, for he has appointed a time for every matter, and for every work." --Ecclesiastes 3:17

This page will discuss all the bizzarre little details that you may have been wondering about this page. Or maybe not.

About In Nomine

In Nomine is Steve Jackson Games' Translation of the French Games In Nomine Satanis and Magna Veritas, both from The Diabolical Croc. Written by Derek Pearcy, It's a game about Angels, and a game about Demons, and it's all about Humanity manipulating and being manipulated by both sides in a Celestial Cold war that's extended for millenia. It's hours of fun for the whole family, if the whole family isn't too offended by the cavalier depictions of religious entities.

Meet the Triad

I'd initially designed this Triad for my City of Glass email campaign, but that's kinda been bogged down, as I've been busy. They are the primary Dominican Triad assigned to the Toledo Area, and have been so for the last five or six years. More in-depth treatments, and character sheets, may be forthcoming, but it may be awhile.


Eldest of the Triad, Dinah heads Triad 317, as the primary Inquisitor. Until recently, she was one of Dominic's Favored Autonomous servitors, but her zeal began to taint her judgement. She resents her demotion, but there is nothing to be done about it currently. She tends to appear angry at all times, regardless of whether or not she actually is so. Unintentionally, of course.
"Of course."
"Stuff it. Idiom."


Most junior member of Triad 317, Deborah also happens to be the most physically powerful. Her role is tracker, and she is a shade more perceptive. She's far more softspoken than the other two. It's her first trip Earthside, and she generally looks to the other two for guidance.

Daniel "I really don't like that picture of my Vessel."
" I haven't been able to scan the better ones yet. I'm working on it."


The "odd man out" in Triad 317, Daniel was crafted a Habbalite of Dark Humor. His role is recorder, and the voice of impartiality. He's also the one who writes all the reports. Not one to talk much about his Redemption, the most he'll normally divulge about the circumstances are "At the time, I thought it would be funny," followed by an enigmatic smile. Though his standard mannerisms may be...unusual for an Elohite, they never influence his actions, and he'll switch them off at a half-moment's notice should he deem it neccesary.

"It's the primary reason I tolerate him."
" Thank you for the vote of confidence. "
"Is there something wrong with your icon? It looks...odd."
"It's a work in progress. I'm concentrating on getting the page up."

FAQs, Surprise, and Ruthless Inefficiency

Q: Why in God's name did you do this?
A: I felt I had an In Nomine page to be ashamed of. Now I have an In Nomine page to be mortified by.
Q: Is there some mystical significance to the number 317 that I'm not aware of?
A: Yes. 317 is 23's older brother. Or at least, he was before Hoboken.
Q: What's with all the damn D's?
A: It just fell together that way. I'd already named all the members of the triad, and I guess I was inspired by a homepage I saw that had a myriad of sections, all starting with "C". First person to count all the D's on all the pages wins a fabulous trip to Hoboken, New Jersey, or screams of scorn and contempt, at my discretion.
Q: Did you look at every book in the Bible to come up with a 3:17 verse to put at the top of this page?
A: Yep. Though Deutoronomy 1:17 was far, far more appropriate, I decided not to change the number. Maybe I'll change the quote later.
Q: The artwork on this page is very shoddy. Can I have a Refund?
A: It's a work in progress. Besides, I already spent all the money on Zip disks and sequined suits for parakeets. The best I can do is say that all further visits to this page will be completely free. The first one, of course, charged $699 to your Visa card. If you don't have one, well, you'll be getting one shortly, with a $699 charge. Have a nice day.
Q: I wish to congratulate/complain/pledge my undying love to/sue/mailbomb you. Do you have an email adress?
A: I've got a couple. Pick one.
If you really want to contact me..
If you want to send mail to an address I have for no good reason.
If you want to recieve an error message from your postmaster.
Q: Who are you, anyway?
A: Nana Yaw "The Fish" Ofori, Freelance Soldier of Heck. Haven't you seen my sig?
Q: If you did this, how come Daniel seems to be taking the credit so often?
A: He is? That bastard. I think I'll have a talk with him.

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