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The more things change, the more they stay the same. What's changed since the last time you were here?
Wednesday, June 30, 1999
It's been a year since this page went up, and more than five thousand visitors. I'd planned something special for the one-year anniversary. After much travail and turmoil, I learned one thing: I'm hideous at meeting deadlines. Still things will be showing up, so watch this space.
Wednesday, March 3, 1999
"Needful Things" is still on the back burner, as is "Austin City Limits". All the same ,there are /more/ new pictures on the Drawings page. One minor new discord, Gaunt, on the Discord page. And a story, and a filk song on the Diverse page.
Sunday, February 14, 1999
Good God, that was a long time between updates. Happy frickin' Vallentine's day to you, too. Six, count 'em, six new pictures on the Drawings page. Am currently working on other thingss to add. With any luck, a complete web-page for the "Austin City Limits" campaign will rise. Maybe a few more Dossiers. A little article for the Discord section called "Needful Things." And...well, I'm not guaranteeing anything yet, but possibly, in the very, very far future...A Solo adventure.
Saturday, October 10, 1998
A new picture added to the Drawings page, and a little reorganizing of that. Made it more gallery-like. A touch of error-correction. Still working on more Dossiers.
Friday, September 25, 1998
A little reorganizing of the Dimensions page was in order, as that's where I put up the "Using In Nomine with GURPS" addendum. If you've a mind to look at them, both Triad "stories" are there as well. Next, more Dossiers.
Sunday, September 20, 1998
A link or two more. Finally, those damn Disturbance house rules, availiable from the Differences page. Going with a separate page for each of the House Rules sections, cause that Disturbance stuff is big. Next: A "Using In Nomine with GURPS" addendum.
Friday, September 11, 1998
Egads, it's been even longer. Been busier. Anyway, still meager stuff. Some error-checking, and the Discord page added "Doggerel." More links on the Destinations page. Apparently, the "Smite!" graphic looks fine as long as you're using Netscape 4.0 or Higher, so I'm not going to mess with it.
Tuesday, August 4, 1998
Well, it's been awhile. Been busier. A bit of error-checking, and finally, the first few Dossiers went up after a hiatus of three weeks. "Tracers" appeared on the Devices page, but they're nothing you want to see. I'm trying for weekly updates, I really am. Anyway. Still no "Ask the Triad", and no Disturbance house rules. Said house rules will be more "Disturbance Propagation" rules then actual "disturbance rules."Among the next things to be done include fixing that "Smite!" graphic so it looks as good in Netscape as it does in MSIE.
Wednesday, July 15, 1998
Quite a bit less was added than I'd planned. Been busy. The Disturbance house rules are only half-done yet, and they haven't yet been added. The Destinations page has been beefed up a bit, and organized a little better. We've joined the In Nomine Webring, and I've added a Legend to the Dossiers page, which will be a lot more useful when there are actually some Dossiers up. To do: Disturbance House Rules, Dossiers, and possiby, if there is time, there just might be an "Ask the Triad" advice collumn. We'll see. Hopefully, I'll have acouple more up over the next few days.
Tuesday, July 7, 1998
Well, the first new additions are this, the Differences page, and the Discord page. The new Icons are up, and I've added my house rules for Geasa. You probably also noticed the new counter on the front page. Within the week, I hope to have my Disturbance House Rules up, and the first few Dossiers.
Tuesday, June 30, 1998
Finally, with a minimum of fanfare, the Triad 317 homepage is up! Finally, all my work shall come to light! Look upon it and tremble! Coming soon: Slightly better-looking Choir and Band icons.
"And once again, weeks go by between updates. "
"Don't look at me. Talk to the webmaster...Hey, where'd he go?"
"So I take it you're not going to be taking credit for all the work on this page anymore?"
"When did I ever do that?"
"The first few months this page was up?"
"Details, De--"
"Don't you dare start that again."

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