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Using In Nomine with GURPS Addendum.

Over a year ago, Steve Jackson Games came out with In Nomine. Initially, there was an intention to include GURPS Conversion rules, but for lack of space, they were cut.

Some time after that, the cut section was placed on the web. Authored by S. John Ross, they are an excellent starting point for those who want to run a GURPS In Nomine campaign. Stored on the Steve Jackson Games website Using In Nomine with GURPS is also availiabe in PDF and text format. They are some really nice rules.

I just couldn't leave well enough alone.

I went around, attempting to fill out the open areas in "Using In Nomine with GURPS." Went so far as to assign point costs for roughly half the Angelic Servitor attunements. Maybe those will go up later. What's left, is my take on making "Using In Nomine with GURPS" more complete. "Better" is debatable.

These rules are meant to be used in conjunction with "Using In Nomine with GURPS," so if you haven't seen that file yet, they will likely make very little sense. Page numbers given here refer to the "Using In Nomine with GURPS" PDF file, converted by Paul Taylor. For now, there are five sections:

Examples of Songs so converted and converted characters, will be forthcoming shortly.

Angelic Choirs

Kyriotates: (page 5)

Kyriotates do indeed have ST and HT scores of their own, and it is these scores that superimpose over the characteristics of the host. ST ofr kyriotates is bought at the regular price. HT, however, is bought at half-cost, as it does not affect Hit Points. Rather, the Hit Points are determined by the Host Body. Kyriotates have the option of buying Extra Hit Points, which apply to all bodies the Kyriotate possesses.

All skills are based off the Kyriotate's statistics, rather than its hosts.

There is no "24-hour limit," its mention is a leftover from the original version of the In Nomine Rules.

Demonic Bands

Lilim: (Page 7)

The Limit of the Geas is -5 points per margin of the original roll, maximum, -30. This includes the extra -5 points for being an Unknown Vow, listed under "Geas," below.

Imposing the geas requires no roll by the Lilim. Instead, the victim must make a Will-4 roll, with an additional (Geas Pointage/5) peanalty.

Shedim: (page 9)

See Kyriotates, above, for the changes.


Celestial: (p 9)

Consider the Celestial Racial package includes 3 levels of Increased Essence Reservoir, on top of that provided by Symphony Awareness. This will be most useful when constructing Celestial beings of less than, or greater than 9 Forces.

Symphony Awareness: (p 9)

Consider Symphony Awareness includes 1 level of Increased Essence Reservoir.


Geas: -5 points/Level.

This is an alternate version of the Geas rules, one that I believe works better, and does not make a lesser Geas worth more than a greater Geas.

A Geas is still a Vow, but until the person who holds the Geas on you tells you what it is, it is worth an extra -5 points as an Unknown Disadvantage. This is included in the level cost, so the value of each Geas drops by 5 points once the person who has the Geas on you tries to cash it in. Geas/1's become quirk-level Vows.

The rate of Dissonance Infliction does not vary the cost of the Geas, and Dissonance is inflicted at the same rate as listed in In Nomine.

Obvious Aura: -5 points/Level.

A character with Obvious Aura is notied by the Symphonically Aware on a roll of Vision -3, with a bonus equal to the level of Obvious Aura. Since this disadvantage counts as Dissonance for Lilim, they recieve an extra -5 points for this disadvantage.

New Disadvantages:

Imperceptive (-5/level)
This is the opposite of Alertness, representing a general dullness of all the Senses. All Sense Rolls are lowered by the level of Imperceptive, and in GURPS In Nomine, it also lowers the chances of success in Perception-Based Resonances.

Supernatural (-5 points)

You don't "Belong." You are not a natural part of the Corporeal Symphony. As such, certain things you do, such as destroying objects and killing natural people and animals makes a Disturbance in the Symphony. Consider this disadvantage to be part of the "Celestial" package.

Enhancements and Limitations:

Duration (Variable)

If the duration of your translated super ability doesn't match up, tthis limitation can be used to make it so. Just apply the difference. I.E, the translated GURPS ability lasts minutes, while the In Nomine ability lasts days, add a +10% enhancement.

Hotshot (+30%)

A rather divergent version of the Enhancement on SU50, add this enhancement to any Song whose effects can be increased by spending more Essence.

Celestial Damage Only (+75%)

The damage is levied against Soul Points, rather than Will. A character has Soul points equivalent to his Will score.

New Limitations.

Roll Song Skill to Activate. (-10%).

Apply this limitation to any ability that doesn't already require a skill roll to make things happen. It is much like Roll (Attribute) to Activate from the GURPS In Nomine Rules,. Consider ailities that already require a super-skill or skill roll to already have this limitation, but remember that they will be based off one of the Force Bases rather than IQ or DX.

Ethereal Damage Only (+50%)

Like Celestial Damage Only, this ability can be applie to any ability that causes damage. Normal rules aplly, but all the damage to Mind Points, which are initally equivalent to a character's IQ.

If an aility does either Ethereal or Corporeal damage, at the optio of the wielder, the increase is +135%. If it does both simultaneously, the increase is +175%. If an ability does physical damage normally, but Ethereal damage when the character is in the Marches, the increase is +75%.


Don't use Magic for Songs. At the point Level GURPS In Nomine suggessts, it is far too easy to build Mage characters capable of using boatloads of neat spells. While this makes sense in GURPS, it is at right angles to the type of world background in In Nomine, where Songs are difficult to learn, and nobody less than a Superior knows hundreds of Songs. Instead, Super Powers, Psionics, and sometimes Knacks, are far more appropriate.


Converting Songs: There are a lot of different ways of Converting Songs. Here's one of them. It produces songs with reasonably high costs, to eat up those hundreds of points Angels are given. This method has several advantages.

Songs themselves are priced like Super-Powers, with both a Song Power, and a Song Skill required to use. Song Powers are on a scale from 1 through 6, and for the purposes of In Nomine's song descriptions, considered to be the Level at which the song is known, when converting characters.

Song Skills are what determines how likely the Song is to work. These are priced like Super-Skills in GURPS, (See p SU28) but instead of basing them on IQ or DX, they are based off one of the Force Bases: the Corporeal Base, the Ethereal Base, or the Celestial Base, figured as below.

Corporeal Base = (DX + HT)/4
Ethereal Base = (DX + IQ)/4
Celestial Base = (Perception + Will)/4

Round these values down.

Corporeal Songs are based off the Corporeal Base, Ethereal Songs off the Ethereal Base, and Celestial, off the Celestial Base.

To convert a Song, there are three things you need to think of.

The Average Celestial. This doesn't refer to the average celestial in the In Nomine Universe: There are many more Demons than Angels, and most of those are below the starting character level. The Average Celestial here is the Average Starting character. In In Nomine Terms, it's a character with three of each type of Force, and 6 in each Characteristic, and the base against which all characters will be judged.

Minimal Effect. This is the average Effect of a song, when Sung by the Average Celestial, with a skill of 1 in the song, spending the minimum amount of Essence on its performance.

Maximal Effect. This is the Average effect of a song, when sung by the average Celestial with a skill of 6 in the song, spending the minimum amount of Essence on its performance.

  1. Translate the Minimal Effect into GURPS Terms. Record a point total.
  2. Translate the Maximal Effect into GURPS terms. Record a point total.
  3. The Level cost is equal to the point difference between the Minimal Effect, and the Maximal Effect, divided by 5. Round off, with a minimum 1 point.
  4. If neccesary, work out the GURPS effects for intermediate levels.

The power cost for the Song is simply the Minimal Effect Cost for the first level, plus Level Cost for each additional Level. Songs vary quite a bit in pricing, as is to be expected in a system that contains abilities like "Human Flashlight" and "Invulnerability to All Kinetic Damage" in the same bracket.

New Skills

Language Skills

Angelic (Mental/Very Hard) Demonic-4
The language of Heaven, Angelic is the native tongue of all Angels. As such, all Angels learn it at IQ for free. It is a language that makes lying impossible, by its very structure. The Angelic Tongue can only be spoken in Celestial Form, and thus, is extremely hard for Humans to learn. The GM should feel free to impose an Unusual Background on Soldiers who know Angelic, or stipulate that said Soldier only knows the written version.
Demonic (Mental/Hard)
The Language of Hell, corrupted from the Angelic tongue. Unlike Angelic, Demonic can be spoken Corporeally, and while it's difficult, to learn, it can be learned by Humans, and soldiers of Hell.


Adapting Attributes: Hit Points

The calculation given is fine for Humans, but it does not reflect the sheer toughness of many Celestial vessels. For Celestials, consider the calculation to give the correct number of Hit Points for that Celestial with a Vessel/1. Convert hit points for higher-level Vessels on relative to this ratio; If a Vessel/2 for that character would have 1.5 as many Body Points as a Vessel/1 in in Nomine, it would have 1.5 as many Hit Points in GURPS.

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