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Dimensions: Tales of the Triad #2

Here there would be adventures and campaign settings. And eventually, there will be. Currently, there aren't.

Elohite: "Looks like we've got some free time, then."
Cherub: "Well, can we...?"
Seraph: *sigh* "Oh, all right. Fan out search the area, and we'll meet back here in five minutes. Five minutes, exactly. And remember, just one."
Cherub: "So where's this fabled 'Back Closet?'"
Elohite: "This is Blockbuster Video. They don't have one."
Seraph: "Deborah...?"
Cherub: "What.?"
Seraph: "...Nevermind."

Seraph: "This is likely going to be a big mistake..."
"Anything you're looking for, ma'am?"
Elohite: "Something True."
""A Documentary? Well, we've got a fine selection of--."
Seraph: "They are all colored by the preconceptions and rejudices of the writers and producers. Skewed to one arrive at one conclusion or another."
Seraph: "Have the decency to label your fiction "fiction." You purvey lies and partial truths, and foist them off to unsuspecting victims. as as the actual occurances. How can you stand yourself?"
Seraph: "Its things like this which are reponsible for the accelerating collapse of human society. then."
"Ma'am? I think my supervisor's calling me. I've got to go. Here, maybe you'll like this one....Bye!"
Seraph: "...JFK?"

Cherub: "'An incredible film about the power of the Human Spirit' Have you seen this one?"
Elohite: "Alive? Yep. It's about a Brazillian soccer team stranded for months in the Andes after a plane crash. Some powerful stuff. A bit of cannibalism."
Cherub: "How come the Human Spirit has to triumph in some remote location filled with hardship? Why can't it triumph in a nice suburb, far from avalanches and cannibalism?"
Elohite: "Happens all the time. They just rarely make movies about it. Those they do, wind up on 'Lifetime.'"

Elohite: "Find anything you like?"
Seraph: "You know me better than that. What did you two find?"
Seraph: "Muriel's Wedding?"
Elohite: "Trust me, you'll like it."
Seraph: "I doubt that, severely. Put it back."
Elohite: "Judgement Call! Aye."
Seraph: "Nay."
Cherub: "Mmm...Yeah, sure, what the heck."
Elohite: "I guess that settles that. Let's go."

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