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Vicious tears in the Soul, It's where Angels fear to tread. Nasty stuff, that Discord. Collect 'em, trade 'em, race 'em.

Corporeal Discord


You're thin, perhaps abnormally so. At any rate, you look a lot more frail than you are. . Gaunt/1 makes you look like you're half-starved, Gaunt/3 like a famine victim, amd Gaunt/6 makes you, literally, skin and bones.

For every level of Gaunt, reduce your weight by by 1/8For every odd level, take a -1 Reaction Penalty. For every even level, Reduce Strength by 1 for the purpose of calculating Body hits, and in any case of grappling or wrestling.


Whatever it is that flows in your veins, it ain't blood.

A Celestial with the Ichor Discord has all his vessels' body fluids oddly twisted. Any character with Ichor can never give or recieve blood transfusions, and has a reaction penalty equal to the level of the Discord, should it become apparent that the character has funky blood/saliva/tears/etc. This is not an appropriate discord for Humans, though undead may have it.

Ichor/1 Strange Taste

A celestial with this level of Ichor will have fluids with an odd taste. Any cursory medical inspection of the body fluids will reveal them to be something other than what they should be. In addition, since saliva will be changed too, the character will suffer a -3 to any Taste Roll he makes. The character will not become used to the taste with time.

Ichor/2 Strange Looks

The body fluids have an strange color Black, Green, and Blue are popular colors. It is obvious to any person that your blood or saliva is strange, tears will tint your eyes a different color, but the effects will not be noticeable unless you actually start crying.

Ichor/3 Strange Smell

The body fluids have a wierd smell, one that can be easily detected by making a Smell roll. Could smell like lilacs, rotting sewage, sulfur, or even cheese.

Ichor/4 Strange Feel

The body fluids feel odd. They may be viscous, silky, sticky, grainy, or stinging to the touch. These properties will also be pretty obvious to sight.

Ichor/5 Strange Sound

It bubbles, it hisses, it whistles. it snaps, crackles, or pops. Once out of the body, Body Fluids make noises clearly audible to anyone within two yards.

Ichor/6 Motion

Body fluids, once out of the body, move independently of your will. They may send out flailing tendrils, or move as viscous globs. It's very unnerving to watch, and requires carefull attention to bandaging to stop bleeding.

All of the above functions are cumulative, a character with Ichor/4 will have the effects of Ichor/3, Ichor/2, and Ichor/1. Perhaps crunchy blue blood that smells and tastes like Drano.

Ichor is inconvenient during fights, as any wound will show it. Above level 2, even bruises look funky.

Ichor also tends to react badly with all but the most innocuous of substances. An Ichored character who is subjected to any drug not explicitily tailored to his brand of body fluids, must make a Strength Roll at a penalty equal to the level of the discord, or take half the check digit of the failed roll in damage.

Ethereal Discord


If it didn't rhyme, you didn't say it.

A being with the Doggerel Discord must roll versus his Will, at a penalty equal to the level of the Discord daily, at the time he would normally regenerate Essence. Failure means that, for the next twenty-four hours,his words must rhyme if he wishes to say anything at all. Children may find this condition humorous, most people will find it quite annoying. Typically, reaction rolls and all interpersonal skills will have a penmalty of at least -3 while rhyming. The GM should feel free to increase the penalties to social skills and daily will rolls if the player is relying on nonsensical rhymes, and give bonuses if the rhymes the player comes up with are good ones.

Elohite: "Gone, Gone, Form of man--"
Seraph: "Don't make me smack you again."

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