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Divergences: Disturbance House Rules

Disturbances are fundamental the the In Nomine universe. Do things the Symphony doesn't like, and it will protest loudly. However Disturbances can be split into two groups, classified on how they behave. These two group, namely, Creator-based disturbances, and Target-Based disturbances.

Creator-based Disturbances.

A Creator-based Disturbance is a Disturbance that results from an action that is done wholly by the character, and to the character. Creator-based disturbances emit from the character or his vessel, and clearly mark him out to the Symphonically aware.

Target-Based Disturbances.

A Target-based Disturbance is a disturbance that results from an action performed on an object or a person that is not neccesarily the initiating character. it radiates from the Target, though the Creator can be discerned by the Tracking Echoes. Songs and attunements that create objects are Target-Based Disturbances, even if the object is temporary. If the disturbance outlasts the object, the disturbance emanates from the object's last location.

Examples of Creator-Based Disturbances:

  • Assuming Celestial Form.
  • Swapping Vessels.
  • Essence to improve skill rolls.
  • Entering the Corporeal plane.

Examples of Target-Based Disturbances.

  • Destroying
  • Killing a human.
Dreams, Corporeal
Entropy, Corporeal
Form All
Light Corporeal
Light Celestial
Motion Corporeal
Numinous Corpus all.
Projection: Radiates from the image first, then from the singer.
Shields Corporeal
Shields Ethereal
Tongues All
Attraction Corporeal Radiates from both objects.
Attraction Ethereal Radiates from the victim.
Charm Radiates from the subject.
Dreams Ethereal
Dreams Celestial
Entropy All
Harmony All
Healing All
Light Ethereal
Motion Ethereal
Motion Celestial Radiates briefly at departure, normally at arrival.
Shields CelestialSee below
Thunder See Below.

Attunements and Distinctions should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and shouldn't pose much trouble when placed into this scheme. The floating video display created by a Seraph of Jean is a Target-Based Disturbance, while the Art of Combat is a Creator-Based disturbance.

Songs and Disturbances

Any target-based disturbance created in the area of an active Celestial shields will not track to its creator, if the creator leaves the area before the shield goes down. Tracking Echoes will not find an initiator within an active Celestial Shields. Furthermore, any disturbances made within the area of effect of a Celestial Song of shields remain in that area, regardless of whether they are creator-based or target-based, as long as the creator or target leaves the area before the Song ends.

The Song of Thunder is also useful for briefly interrupting tracking echoes, if the creator is in the area of effect.

Essence and Disturbances.

Spending Essence has no distinctive Disturbance. It conforms to the "sound" of whatever it is spent to do. Essence spent to fuel a song, or to increase the chances of singing a Song simply increases the magnitude of that Song's Disturbance. Essence spent to fuel an attunement echoes like the use of that attunement, rather than just "essence expenditure." Even failures resonate as "Failed use of an attunement" or "Failed attempt at a Song" instead of mere "Expenditure of Essence."

Disturbing Radiation

If a Disturbance radiates from a person, it will cont as long as he remains on the same plane, until its duration runs out. Songs of Thunder or Celestial Shields can change this, as mentioned above. If he changes Vessels or goes Celestial the Disturbance still radiates from him.

If a Disturbance radiates from an object, it will continue to radiate from that object unless the object is destroyed, in which case, it radiates from the largest piece.

Tracking Echoes

Disturbances radiate from what happened. As such, they'll get to what it happened to, or at least, where it happened last. Once there, though, it's possible to find out who did it, by following the Tracking Echoes.

Anyone touching the Disturbance's point of origin may make a secondary Perception roll to detect the creator of the Disturbance, as if a Disturbance of equal magnitude was emerging from the creator. The Tracking Echoes will persist as long as the initial disturbance does. Only one roll is allowed per character.

Tracking Echoes follow the same rules as normal Disturbances, and are considered Creator-Based Disturbances, for the purpose of these rules.

Compound Disturbances

Disturbances emitted in a short distance and time of one another build up into huge compound disturbances, as detailed on IN 35. A Compund disturbance occurs if a second Disturbance occurs within M/4 yards of a still-echoing Disturbance, where M is the Magnitude of the echoes. Round up. So within 4 yards of the body of Joe Human (+12 Disturbance), a typical Song of Healing (+3 Disturbance) sung within 12 minutes rings out as if it were a +15.

Disturbances and the Planes.

A Disturbance will not follow across planes, however. Any Disturbance made in the Corporeal plane remains in the corporeal plane, the same with Celestial and Ethereal disturbances. This requires that the creator leave no Vessel, Body, Celestial Form, or currently-occupied Host on the plane, otherwise the Disturbance will jump to that. This is also the case if the creator goes to Trauma or Limbo.

Furthermore, any remaining Tracking Echoes will point to the spot where the initiator left the plane, but will not track on him, even if he returns to the plane. Particularly inconvenient Disturbances can be shed in this manner.

Special Cases: Kyriotates

Kyriotates, with their talents for multiplicity, will find it possible to shuffle their Disturbances around. A still-active Creator-Based disturbance will be emitted from the nearest host or Celestial Form of the Kyrio at the time of the Disturbance, and remain on that host until either the Disturbance dies out or the Kyriotate abandons the host. If he abandons that host, the Disturbance will jump to the closest Celestial Form or Host still occupied by the Kyrio. Tracking Echoes will always point to the nearest Host or Celestial Form. Hopefully, this is a clear, if not concise explanation of how I run Disturbances. Maybe it's helpful. Probably, it's not.
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