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Divergences: Geasa

There's a problem with Geasa, one that makes a low-level Geas far more dangerous than a high-level Geas: Frequency of Retribution. A geas inflicts Dissonance or Strength Drain once for every interval.

For example, say Tracy, a Free Lilim, has a Geas/1 on Jack Mercurian, and she tells him, "Vacuum my apartment." A freak avalanche prevents Jack from vacuuming the apartment for three days. Under the normal rules, Jack would accumulate 72 points of Dissonance in those three days. While these wouldn't cause a new Dissonance roll, any DIssonance Roll he made after the first 8 hours would be practically guaranteed to Outcast him.

Tracy gets a Geas/6 on Franklin, a Cherub, and tells him "Find four hundred living descendants of Charlemagne, and bring them all to Yankee Stadium." Franklin is markedly inept at searching genealogy, and it takes him three years to do so. He takes 3 points of Dissonance before he manages it. Though his Geas was stronger, it was also far less dangerous to him personally.

A possible fix for this; A Geas will inflict its retributive damage three times for every level of the Geas,at the prescribed interval, and it will not inflict Retribution ever again. This Dissonance may only be removed by one of the following methods:

Tether time, Choir or Band-Style Dissonance methods, or Essence Expenditure, will not remove any Geas-induced Dissonance.

Optionally: Rather than a flat three times per Level of the Geas, a Geas may inflict retribution once per CElestial force of the Geasing Lilim, per level of the Geas. More powerful Lilim make more powerful Geasa, and Lilith, will not be denied.

Cherub: "That's all? Just Geasa?"
Elohite: "For now. In a week, there should be Disturbance house rules, ones that Celestials in the City of Glass should get to know..."

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