Triad 317


Eldest of the Triad, Dinah is a grumpy old Seraph. Until recently, she was one of Dominic's Favored Autonomous servitors, but her judgments tended to be a touch too harsh, a shade too fantatical. As a result, Dominic reasinged her to Triad Duty where her harshness could be tempered a bit. She tends to appear angry at all times, regardless of whether or not she actually is so. Unintentionally, of course..


Most junior member of Triad 317, Deborah also happens to be the most physically owerful


The "odd man out" in Triad 317, Daniel was crafted a Habbalite of Dark Humor. N ot one to talk much about his Redemption, the most he'll normally divulge about the circumstances are "At the time, I thought it would be funny," followed by an enigmatic smile. Though his standard mannerisms may be...unusual for an Elohite, they never influence his actions, and he'll switch tme off at a half-moment's notice should he deem it neccesary