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Nothing Old, Something New, All things borrowed, title blue. If you're wondering how this homepage has changed lately, this is a pretty good place to look. Why you'd be wondering this is beyond me, though.

Tuesday, June 30,1998
Still no new prime graphic. What is new, though, is In Nomine: Triad 317, my new, Improved In Nomine page. Lord knows why I did this, but it's done. Do stop by...
Thursday, April 23,1998
Well, as you probably noticed, the page has moved to Tripod. Plus, those buttons you see on the right have changed in their little inset font. On top of that, there's at least one new piece of art in the In Nomine section, there's a new IRC, RPGs, and Macintosh section, and a number of defunct links have been trimmed. I still have yet to make me a new prime graphic on the front page...And there's still no World of N'Saldon, Edition 2. Tripod would require me to do quite a bit of shuffling to get that page to work. We'll see...
Saturday, April 10, 1998
More new stuff, mostly In Nomine. There's more art on the art page, including a Map of Hell, as well as a pair of pages for X-Faces, In Nomine style! Hours of fun for the whole family!
Tuesday, February 4, 1998
Well, it's time to add some new stuff, again. In this case, it's In Nomine stuff. There's a page of art that you can hang around shriek incoherently at, if you take the In Nomine link. Have at it. And stuff.
Monday, October 27, 1997
More changes. Revamped stuff. Still not World of N'Saldon, 2nd Edition. Cut me some slack, huh? You people are ruthless. Ruthless, I tell you!
Friday, July 18, 1997
You know, it's been quite a while since I updated this page. Added the Mechanical Artillery and Crossbows articles to the GURPS Section. Not much else has changed though. I swear to you, next time, There will be a relatively operational GURPS N'Saldon 2nd Edition up. Well, maybe. We'll see.
Monday, May 5, 1997
Well, there's a lot of new stuff. Let's see...The main page got revamped, the 'AD&D', 'GURPS', 'Net People', and 'New Stuff' pages were added. Oh, and there are a couple new things on the 'Top 10 Funniest' page, in the 'My Stuff' area. I think that's about it. Coming in an indeterminate amount of time, the new, Improved, GURPS N'Saldon.
What's New?