The Kyriotate X-Face, in a cropped MT-Newswatcher screenshot.

Angelic X-Faces

Well, as I mentioned before, I get bored from time to time. And when I get bored, I do stuff. So I ran off a number of In Nomine-based X-Faces. They're all based off the Choir symbols in the In Nomine Angelic Player's Guide. I've also got some Demonic X-Faces too.

So, what are they? They're 48 x 48 bitmaps that are decoded from an X-Face Header, that you can add ot an E-mail or USENET posting, if your newsreader or email client supports them. A number of Unix mail and news-readers support them, as well as the Macintosh Newsreaders MacSoup and MT-Newswatcher. I'm still looking for an X-Face supporting plug-in for Eudora.

These X-Face headers were made simply by grabbing the images off the APG Angelic Choirs page, rescaling, converting them to 1-bit graphics, and running them through Simon Frasier's Saving Face Macintosh application.

To use these X-Faces, you can copy-and-paste the headers that go with the bitmap into the "Extra Headers" area of your mail or news client. Or you can get Saving Face , and copy the little GIFs on the page into its window. Or, you can grab a Text file with all the headers in it, for later use.

In Nomine is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, Inc, and all these Choir Symbols are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games, Inc.



X-Angel: Seraphim, The Most Holy
X-Face: #'>H$_U\YOr\&9v]=@yJ0jY=x!ODGOA$D&P;.+6W[O7LVeL>HrMM/56ftf`tG
X-Angel: Cherubim, The Guardians
X-Face: Mu9=AhB0P]A_Lg7d,jPr?EA+@Ox"K?%2-cT_R^X<eOOuGtD&9w"Y\,}swr:x=
X-Angel: Ofanim, The Wheels
X-Face: %wy.vrQuU%-*=Q9:,gdY%O@X*UD+T}MdwA+Y&91,tV:Uo\]M^^rD|>6G_ZXhm
X-Angel: Elohim, The Powers
X-Face: "$$NCm%|qA,>zyt#:],s<uUZ)55.u+}>F#VRj(sMSJ`On\T.[St!B&P[]])yE
X-Angel: Malakim, The Virtues
X-Face: ,>[:$oWa1d@rqX'u1(z8,QN"Dhe-A0}47t;#s]ZpG^mBq$|LEXakL`e!P?)\S
X-Angel: Kyriotates, The Dominations
X-Face: 8<>L'i-ol{"3.d=6iFL=xB,7$T5o!`X'8IUG*;j7Y]ba_.f]l7(9(k
X-Angel: Mercurians, The Friends of Man
X-Face: P,nWO]&@S(4R?ssi=;Dm)^(4*|M/'qxL"Bj#Ih[*VKD5~:m;\6D$UQ4Nw$L6P

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