The Lilim X-Face, in a cropped MT-Newswatcher screenshot.

Demonic X-Faces

Well, as I mentioned before, I get bored from time to time. And when I get bored, I do stuff. So I ran off a number of In Nomine-based X-Faces. They're all based off the Band symbols in the In Nomine Infernal Player's Guide. I've also got some Angelic X-Faces too.

So, what are they? They're 48 x 48 bitmaps that are decoded from an X-Face Header, that you can add ot an E-mail or USENET posting, if your newsreader or email client supports them. A number of Unix mail and news-readers support them, as well as the Macintosh Newsreaders MacSoup and MT-Newswatcher. I'm still looking for an X-Face supporting plug-in for Eudora.

These X-Face headers were made using Simon Frasier's Saving Face Macintosh application.

To use these X-Faces, you can copy-and-paste the headers that go with the bitmap into the "Extra Headers" area of your mail or news client. Or you can get Saving Face , and copy the little GIFs on the page into its window. Or, you can grab a Text file with all the headers in it, for later use.

In Nomine is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, Inc, and all these Band Symbols are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games, Inc.



X-Demon: Balseraphs, The Liars
X-Face: (Lc/'X>'oG|wEbj[QyC-8)Ej(wuDR%385eN9Hym=p14hZ7@eeP|~ZR8El9&y2
X-Demon: Djinn, The Stalkers
X-Face: t<#pLg)|0"y.lKk<.C>,>yj+^[ktqCk;Xx:iY#X<zW1H{|+7[mrMA8KDG-GE?
X-Demon: Calabim, The Destroyers
X-Face: 6@UvO~X)8f:w*GS8TiSwer3|`'G4!Cf1kd%:WUK(9Yc&dy!l-wp4%sD'kpI:6
X-Demon: Habbalah, The Punishers
X-Face: $xPz~`9N~K24UbTXx1B2D4=l}N{o^ftNmWVVi/9D[9^uigbKN3%Ra&i/n@q/2
X-Demon: Lilim, The Tempters
X-Face: LpwBVYO0-aR"pzn5AHoq};qU;<<q+$SN]VzH+c{Jm~$y=$|ZAUf?DS1Gu!p!r
X-Demon: Shedim, The Corrupters
X-Face: $?(T1n[B~*Ju:1+La^NrZSa/D-x5XSKh:=NIwW9iI4mQ("=;{P5a!Nei&JY}C
X-Demon: Impudites, The Takers
X-Face: "`9:mmB<dSv?~wB/uU+b%DRdO=2za5*qUNm1_S1uDAkP?[RC2X]^L.r$ep+gm

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