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It might be world-wide, but it certainly wouldn't be a web without links. Thousands of them. Crawling all over. Hairy, slimy things. With teeth. Sharp, yellow teeth. Or maybe not. Anyway, here are some.


Here was planned to be the homepages of a whole bunch of people I've met through the internet. Unfortunatley, I keep forgetting to write down the adresses, so presently, there are none.
HAH! I Lied! There are URLS here! I was just too lazy to delete the original text. Pity me. Anyway, there won't be that much description of the pages, as I haven't quite gotten aroiund to looking at them yet.
Beyond that, you'll find the homepages of people I've actually met. You may want to look at those too, but they're evil. EVIL! EEEEVIL! Okay, so they're not. But they could be.
Clurin's Homepage
Dorgan's Homepage
Raylen's Homepage
Maznafein's Homepage
Fyndalf's Homepage
ChrisEspo's Homepage
Mal-666's Homepage
Kessie, Cece, and Saydee's Homepage
Asmund's Homepage
Grim88's Homepage
Steve Houchard's Homepage
Matt Salazar's Homepage
Joe Hartford's Homepage
Joey Sima's Homepage


GURPS Homepage
Do you like Roleplaying? Which Genre? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Cyberpunk? Bleak Future? Ice Age? Aztec? Who Cares? GURPS will do it for you!
Spider-Man Home-Page
A Red and Bluish Spider fought crime with lots of clout
But it seems he was a clone, so MARVEL threw him out
In came the Scarlet Spider, But Doc Ock soiled his name
Now, Ben Reily, Newest Spider-Man, Crawls in New York Again...

Then the readers got quite restless at the writers' fun.
They started up a boycott, and their position won.
So MARVEL brought back Peter, and sent Benny to his grave.
Vicous Deus Ex Machina, and MARVEL claims the save.
Gold Digger
The homepage of t he B&W comic series that is probably my second favorite after the Spider-Man stuff. You'll just have to see for yourself. A Damn fine place to visit, and would probably be a great place to live. If one could live in HTML.
One Ring to Rule them All...No, I'm not talking Tolkien. I'm talking something on the order of Six Billon times bigger. I'm talking the Largest Artifact in Larry Niven's Known Space. Here's a site with some really cool computer-generated pics of it by James Williams.
Known Space
A, I grudgingly admit, rather nice homepage about my favorite Sci-Fi Universe, Larry Niven's Known Space. Actually, it's a brilliant, well thought-out site, my main gripe with it was that he preferred the picture of the ringworld with the huge clouds to the ones by James Williams. Ahh, well. Beggars can't be choosers.
The Integral Trees
An incredible site about Niven's books, The Integral Trees and The Smoke Ring. Detailed descriptions, MPEGs, the Works. even tho ugh it's not finished yet, do yourself a favor and stop by. It's well worth the trip.
The Infamous Exploding Whale
Hello, there boys and girls! This is a son g about a whale. NO! This is your old pal Stinky WHizzleteeth. Well, actually, it's not. Instead, it's a nice locale where you can watch the news report on a very interesting method of getting rid of a beached whale carcass. Enjoy.
The Adventurers Homepage
500+ episodes that chronicle an AD&D Greyhawk Campaign, run by Thomas Miller, from its first-level inception to its conclusion, and beyond. The stories themselves are archived at dpm's home page. Eat, drink, and floss daily.
Apple Computer
Well, how could I possibly have a Macintosh page without this link? Huh? Tell me that. I didn't think so.
The Mac Orchard
This is the holy grail of those who search for Macintosh internet applications. This page has them all, lovingly archived and categorized for swift download and examination. Virtually any Mac Internet App of any quality can be found linked to on this one glorious page. Have a look-see.
Multi-Threaded Newswatcher
A Descendant of John Norstad's amazing Newswatcher program, Simon Frasier's MT-Newswatcher is, as far as I'm concerned, Heir to the Throne of the Macintosh Newsreader market. Does X-Faces. Filtering. Multi-Trheaded operation. It is, most definately, all that, and a bag of chips. Truly Essential.
IRCLE is, by far, the best Macintosh client I've ever tried, and I use 3.0b10 constantly. Exceedingly stable, the client supports multiple connections (a must for my style of IRCing), Applescript, Faces, and is truly excellent. It blows its competitors, MacIRC (Hah!) and Homer (Double-Hah!) hundreds of feet out of the water. The only minor beef I have with it is that documentation's a bit lacking, so you'll have to experiment a bit yourself to figure out what this baby can do.



Ah, Usenet. Another glorious expense of time. Many an hour can be spent here, talking to and from hundreds, if not thousands of people you'll never know, or never meet. So here, you'll find a cross-section of those groups I do frequent. You may want to give one or two of them a gander.
Larry Niven, one of my favorite Science Fiction Authors.
Rampant discussion about the best ways to commit geocide.
Fan group for Fred Perry, creator of the "Gold Digger" comic book.
Qualcomm's Eudora Mail client for Macintosh.
Macintosh Applications of all shapes and sizes.
Macintosh communications Applications, such as Netscape, Newswatcher, FrePPP, and etc.
Generic Marvel Comics newsgroup.
AD&D, TSR's mighty cash cow RPG.
GURPS, Steve Jackson Games' primary RPG
All other miscellaneous role-playing games.
Moria, a text-based solo adventure game. Hours of fun for the whole family.


Ah, IRC. Internet relay chat. Many an hour can be spent talking to people hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. People you've never quite met. Anyway, this is a link to a number of things having to do with IRC, starting with IRC channels.
#ad&d EFNet
A generic, all-rpg channel, that's mostly talk about a lot of other subjects. Decent place to visit. I'm an Op there, and you'll find me under the /nick of Lekk.
#ad&d DALnet
Another all-rpg oriented channel, but this one's a lot more RPG-oriented than its EFnet cousin. You're liable to find games here. I'm an Op here too, and once again, I use the /nick Lekk.
#innomine EFNet
A channel that is about Steve Jackson Games' In Nomine. Very likely to find people willing to talk here, as well as a game or two. Look for me as Daphne.
#ircle UNDERNet
A channel about the best Mac IRC client on Earth, IRCle. Hours of fun for the whole family, and a great place to actually test out that Faces thing. Main reason I'm there, anyway. I'll be there as Lekk, if I am.

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